List of films considered the worst


Found this list on Wikipedia and thought the Film Sack audience might get a kick out of it. Check out a sample:

Robot Monster (1953)

A science fiction film, originally shot and exhibited in 3D, featuring an actor dressed in a gorilla suit and what looks almost like a diving helmet. The film, produced and directed by Phil Tucker, is listed in Michael Sauter’s book The Worst Movies of All Time among “The Baddest of the B’s.” It is also featured in The Book of Lists 10 worst movie list, in The Fifty Worst Films of All Time, and in the 2004 DVD documentary The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made. The Golden Turkey Awards confers its main character the title of “Most Ridiculous Monster in Screen History” and, listing its director Phil Tucker among the runners-up to “Worst Director of All Time” (the winner being Ed Wood), states that “What made Robot Monster ineffably worse than any other low-budget sci-fi epic was its bizarre artistic pretension”. Noted film composer Elmer Bernstein wrote the score for this film. It was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and was fondly remembered by author Stephen King who quotes, and agrees with, a review in Castle of Frankenstein magazine (“certainly among the finest terrible movies ever made”, “one of the most laughable poverty row quickies”).

Sounds like one I’d like to see! See the whole list here.

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